Jim Barry

Initiated in the Sacred Medicine of Ayahuasca and Bufo,  as well as practioner of Kambo and Holotropic Breathwork was lead to this path after a dream with a medicine man coming out of a barrel covered in multi-colored feathers dancing and happy as could be

Alberto Yarleque

Peruvian Shaman Alberto Yarleke will  lead the sessions of Bufo, Ayahuasca and Temazkal, Alberto has more  than  20 years dedicated to the management of diverse sacred medicines,  so your experience is reflected in an impeccable and safe work  environment in the processes of healing and development. 

Giovanni Lattanzi

Giovanni was initiated into the Kambo Katukina tradition by Brazilian curanderos 2006, then initiated into Iboga medicine by Steve Dyer and Sean Hamman 2009.  and is the first  western ‘curandero’ to create a synergy of Kambo and Iboga, providing Iboga and the synergistic combination of both medicines in a new specific way by applying Kambo on Reflexology and acupuncture points